Top 5 Greatest High School Football Teams of All Time

High school football is a breeding ground for future stars and legendary rivalries. But which teams have truly etched their names in the history books? Here, we unveil the Top 5 Greatest High School Football Teams of All Time. Bishop Gorman takes the top spot, likely due to their dominant 2023 season. News sources suggest they finished undefeated and secured key victories against strong competition. Further research could reveal details of their stellar season, like impressive point differentials and victories over other highly ranked teams. De La Salle’s legacy is undeniable. Their 2001 team, ranked No. 2, boasts a head-to-head win over the then No. 1 ranked team and a coach who led them to a staggering 151-game winning streak . Players from this team went on to NFL careers, solidifying their talent and dominance. Massillon Washington’s 1940 team, ranked No. 3, was a force to be reckoned with. Led by the legendary coach Paul Brown, they outscored opponents by a jaw-dropping margin and featured a roster full of all-state players. Their back-to-back national championships solidify their place among the greats . Mater Dei’s 2017 team, ranked No. 4, achieved a historic feat – sweeping all the national high school football polls. They defeated ten nationally ranked teams, including the defending national champion, and boasted a National Player of the Year in J.T. Daniels. Their back-to-back national titles speak volumes about their sustained success. Lakeland’s 2006 team, ranked No. 5, was an offensive powerhouse. They dominated their state for three consecutive years, including a thrilling double-overtime state championship win. Their offensive line, featuring future NFL stars, paved the way for a potent offense that could dismantle defenses.

1. Bishop Gorman High School

Bishop Gorman High School Football isn’t new to the spotlight. The program has a history of excellence, and their 2023 season seems to be no exception. While the specific details haven’t been provided, here’s why they likely secured the No 1 ranking. A key factor in securing the top spot is the strength of their competition. Bishop Gorman likely faced other highly ranked teams and emerged victorious. Their schedule might have included matchups against fellow national powerhouses, further solidifying their claim to the No. 1 ranking. Without specific stats, it’s difficult to pinpoint details, but a No. 1 ranking likely signifies a well-rounded team. Bishop Gorman probably boasted a potent offense putting up significant points while maintaining a stifling defense that shut down their opponents. The 2016 championship season you mentioned is a testament to Bishop Gorman’s coaching and player development. This past success likely fueled expectations and motivated the 2023 team to achieve greatness. While the 2023 season is over, Bishop Gorman has undoubtedly set a high bar. Their performance will be a benchmark for future teams and a source of pride for the entire school community.

2. De La Salle High School

The 2001 De La Salle High School football team wasn’t just any No. 2 team. They were a powerhouse on the verge of legendary status. Here’s a breakdown of why they rightfully earned that ranking. The article mentions a key factor – defeating the then No. 1 ranked Long Beach Poly. This head-to-head win in a highly anticipated matchup solidified De La Salle’s claim to the No. 2 spot, and possibly even hinted at their championship potential.The article states they secured four consecutive national titles after 2001. This championship pedigree speaks volumes about their consistent excellence and dominance throughout the season. The presence of six players from the 2001 team who went on to play in the NFL, including a three-time All-Pro, highlights the exceptional talent De La Salle possessed. These players likely made a significant impact on the field, elevating the team’s overall performance.

3. Massillon Washington High School

Massillon Washington High School’s 1940 football team wasn’t just any No. 3 ranked squad. Led by the legendary coach Paul Brown, they were a dominant force that left an undeniable mark on high school football history. Here’s why they deserved that prestigious ranking. The article mentions Coach Brown leading them to back-to-back national championships, solidifying their reputation as a team to fear. This consistent success throughout the season is a major reason for their No. 3 ranking. Having Paul Brown at the helm was a significant advantage. Brown not only led them to national glory but also went on to win a collegiate national championship and co-found two professional football teams. His innovative coaching strategies and ability to get the most out of his players undoubtedly played a major role in their success. Their offensive dominance is undeniable. Outscoring opponents by a staggering 477-6 margin throughout the season showcases their explosiveness and ability to put points on the board consistently. While the offense was a juggernaut, the defense shouldn’t be forgotten. Only surrendering a mere 6 points throughout the regular season speaks volumes about their defensive prowess. This well-rounded team could overpower opponents on both sides of the ball. The fact that all 11 starting players received all-state recognition highlights the exceptional talent Coach Brown had assembled. This team wasn’t just good; it was stacked with elite players at every position. Massillon Washington’s No. 3 ranking in 1940 was a testament to their all-around excellence. Led by a coaching legend, boasting an unstoppable offense, a stifling defense, and a roster full of all-stars, they were a force to be reckoned with. Their dominance throughout the season and championship victory make them a clear contender for the No. 3 spot in any high school football ranking.

4. Mater Dei High School

Mater Dei High School’s 2017 football team wasn’t just any No. 4 ranked team. They were a juggernaut under coach Bruce Rollinson, achieving a historic feat and showcasing dominance on a national scale. Let’s delve into the reasons behind their well-deserved No. 4 ranking. The article highlights a key advantage Mater Dei has over teams from previous eras – comprehensive national rankings. Earning the No. 4 spot signifies their excellence wasn’t just regional; they were recognized as one of the top teams in the entire nation. Mater Dei didn’t just win; they dominated. Their impressive record of defeating 10 teams ranked in the Top 100 nationally showcases their ability to overcome formidable opponents consistently. This includes victories over the previous national champion and another state champion, solidifying their place among the elite. The article mentions Mater Dei’s back-to-back national titles. While this achievement came after the 2017 season, it reflects the program’s consistent ability to build championship-caliber teams. The ability to sweep all the national high school football polls is a historic feat. This signifies that across different ranking systems and criteria, Mater Dei was consistently recognized as the No. 4 team in the nation. Mater Dei’s No. 4 ranking in 2017 goes beyond just a number. It represents a team with a national presence, a star player, and the ability to defeat the best competition. Their historic sweep of national polls and back-to-back championship titles solidify their place as one of the greatest high school football teams of all time.

5. Lakeland High School

Lakeland High School’s 2006 football team wasn’t your average No. 5 ranked squad. Led by the legendary coach Bill Castle, they were a dominant force that rewrote Lakeland’s football history. Here’s why they rightfully earned that prestigious ranking. The article mentions this being their second consecutive national championship and third consecutive state title. This consistent excellence across multiple seasons is a major reason for their No. 5 ranking. They weren’t just a one-hit wonder; they were a sustained powerhouse. Their reign as the No. 1 ranked team in the USA Today Top 25 throughout the season signifies national recognition of their dominance. They weren’t just regionally strong; they were considered the best in the country according to a major ranking system. The article emphasizes Lakeland’s offensive line, stating it couldn’t be matched. Featuring future NFL stars Maurkice and Mike Pouncey, this unit was likely the foundation for their offensive success. A dominant line creates running lanes and protects the quarterback, allowing the entire offense to function at its peak. The presence of future NFL running back Chris Rainey, who rushed for a staggering 270 yards in the state championship game, hints at the explosiveness of Lakeland’s offense. With a strong line creating space and talented players like Rainey capitalizing on those opportunities, their offense was likely a nightmare for opposing defenses. A double-overtime thriller against another strong team, St. Thomas Aquinas, further cements Lakeland’s place among the best. Winning such a close game against a quality opponent showcases their grit and determination in addition to their talent. Lakeland’s No. 5 ranking in 2006 wasn’t just a number. It represents a team with a dominant offensive line, a potent offense featuring future NFL stars, and the ability to win close games against top competition. Their back-to-back national championships and consistent success make them a deserving member of this elite group of high school football teams.


The quest to identify the single “greatest” high school football team of all time is a fascinating, yet ultimately subjective, exercise. Each team on this list, ranked from Bishop Gorman’s recent dominance to Massillon Washington’s historic run, boasts a compelling case. Undefeated seasons, national championships, legendary coaches, and future NFL stars paint a vivid picture of excellence. However, the true essence of greatness extends beyond wins and losses. It encompasses the impact on their communities, the innovations they brought to the game, and the inspiration they provided to future generations. While the debate will likely continue, this exploration of the Top 5 Greatest High School Football Teams serves as a celebration of gridiron greatness. These teams represent the pinnacle of dedication, talent, and strategy, leaving an indelible mark on the history of high school football. So, the next time you witness a high school football game, remember the echoes of these legendary teams. Their stories are a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence on the gridiron stage.

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