South Dakota’s 2024 high school football schedules released

The South Dakota High School Activities Association has released the 2024 high school football schedules. While official dates and times have not been finalized, each team now knows who they will be facing, what week, and whether the game will be at home or away. Class 11B and nine-man teams can begin play in Week 0 (Thursday through Friday, Aug. 22-24) and conclude their regular season by Oct. 18. Playoffs for these teams are set for Oct. 24, Oct. 31, and Nov. 8. Class 11AAA, AA, and AA teams can begin play on Week 1 (Aug. 29-31) and conclude their regular season on Oct. 25, with playoffs set for Oct. 31 and Nov. 8.
The state championships for all classes will take place on Nov. 14-16 at the DakotaDome in Vermillion. For the schedules of Watertown and Aberdeen area schools, you can find links to the complete 11-man and nine-man schedules online at www.rwcupdates. Games will mostly be scheduled on Fridays, but some may also take place on Thursdays and Saturdays. The schedule key includes Week 0 (Aug. 22-24), Week 1 (Aug. 29-31), Week 2 (Sept. 5-7), Week 3 (Sept. 12-14), Week 4 (Sept. 19-21), Week 5 (Sept. 26-28), Week 6 (Oct. 3-5), Week 7 (Oct. 10-12), Week 8 (Oct. 17-19), and Week 9 (Oct. 24).

Class 11AA

In Class 11AA for Aberdeen Central, the schedule for the season includes Week 1 against Pierre, Week 2 at Tea Area, Week 3 against Sioux Falls Lincoln, Week 4 against Spearfish, Week 5 at Sturgis, Week 6 against Mitchell, Week 7 against Huron, Week 8 at Brookings, and Week 9 at Watertown. For Watertown, the schedule includes Week 1 at Sioux Falls Jefferson, Week 2 against Spearfish, Week 3 at Sturgis, Week 4 against Pierre, Week 5 at Douglas, Week 6 at Yankton, Week 7 against Tea Area, Week 8 at Mitchell, and Week 9 against Aberdeen Central.

Class 11A

Class 11A Milbank’s schedule includes games at Lakota Tech in Week 1, Tri-Valley in Week 2, Groton Area in Week 3, Dell Rapids in Week 4, Vermillion in Week 5, Sisseton in Week 6, Aberdeen Roncalli in Week 7, West Central in Week 8, and Madison in Week 9.

Class 11B

Aberdeen Roncalli’s football schedule for the upcoming season includes games against Clark-Willow Lake, Deuel, Mobridge-Pollock, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, Webster Area, Groton Area, Milbank, and Sisseton. The upcoming football schedule for Clark-Willow Lake includes games against Aberdeen Roncalli, Sisseton, Sioux Valley, Parker, Groton Area, Deuel, Mobridge-Pollock, and Webster Area. Deuel will be playing the following teams in their upcoming weeks: Flandreau in Week 0, Sisseton in Week 1, Aberdeen Roncalli in Week 2, Winner in Week 3, Groton Area in Week 5, Clark-Willow Lake in Week 6, Webster Area in Week 7, and Mobridge-Pollock in Week 8. The Groton Area football schedule for the 2021 season includes games against Mobridge-Pollock, Webster Area, Milbank, Deuel, Clark-Willow Lake, Aberdeen Roncalli, Sisseton, and Baltic in weeks one through eight. The Mobridge-Pollock football team’s schedule includes games against Lead-Deadwood in Week 0, Groton Area in Week 1, Miller/Highmore-Harrold in Week 2, Aberdeen Roncalli in Week 3, Belle Fourche in Week 6, Webster Area in Week 7, Clark-Willow Lake in Week 8, and Deuel in Week 9. They have a bye in Week 5. Sioux Valley has a packed schedule for the upcoming weeks, including games against St. Thomas More, Baltic, Clark-Willow Lake, Sisseton, Deuel, Flandreau, Beresford, and Elk Point-Jefferson. Sisseton will be playing against Webster Area in Week 0, at Deuel in Week 1, against Clark-Willow Lake in Week 2, at Flandreau in Week 3, at Sioux Valley in Week 4, with a Bye in Week 5, at Milbank in Week 6, against Groton Area in Week 7, and finally against Aberdeen Roncalli in Week 8. The schedule for the Webster Area football team includes games against Sisseton, McCook Central-Montrose, Groton Area, Woonsocket-Wessington Springs-Sanborn Central, Aberdeen Roncalli, Mobridge-Pollock, Deuel, and Clark-Willow Lake.

Class 9AA

The Britton-Hecla football schedule includes games at Hamlin, Leola-Frederick Area, and Redfield in the first three weeks, followed by a bye in Week 4. In Week 5, they will play at Great Plains Lutheran, followed by games against Waubay-Summit, Wilmot, and Waverly-South Shore in the remaining weeks. De Smet has games scheduled for the following weeks: Week 0 against Kimball-White Lake, Week 1 against Garretson, Week 2 at Hanson, Week 3 against Elkton-Lake Benton, a bye in Week 4, Week 5 at Florence-Henry, Week 6 against Hamlin, Week 7 against Great Plains Lutheran, and Week 8 at Estelline-Hendricks. Elkton-Lake Benton’s football schedule includes games against Waubay-Summit, Viborg-Hurley, Freeman-Marion/Freeman Academy, De Smet, Great Plains Lutheran, Garretson, Deubrook Area, and Hamlin. Their bye week falls on Week 5. Florence-Henry’s football schedule includes games against Waverly-South Shore in Week 1, Great Plains Lutheran in Week 2, Britton-Hecla in Week 3, Hamlin in Week 4, De Smet in Week 5, Wilmot in Week 6, Redfield in Week 7, and Waubay-Summit in Week 8. Great Plains Lutheran will be playing the following teams in their upcoming football schedule: Week 0 against Waverly-South Shore, Week 1 at Waubay-Summit, Week 2 at Florence-Henry, Week 3 against Hamlin, Week 4 at Elkton-Lake Benton, Week 5 against Britton-Hecla, Week 6 is a bye week, Week 7 at De Smet, and Week 8 against Wilmot. The upcoming schedule for the Hamlin football team includes games against Britton-Hecla, Hanson, Waubay-Summit, Great Plains Lutheran, Florence-Henry, Redfield, De Smet, and Elkton-Lake Benton. They have a bye week in week 7. The Leola-Frederick Area football team’s schedule includes games against Redfield in Week 0, Britton-Hecla in Week 1, Stanley County in Week 2, and North Central in Week 3. They will face Faulkton Area in Week 4, have a bye in Week 5, play against Northwestern in Week 6, and travel to Ipswich in Week 7. They will finish their regular season with a game at Warner in Week 8. Redfield will be playing against Leola-Frederick Area in Week 0, Kimball-White Lake in Week 1, Britton-Hecla in Week 2, Stanley County in Week 3, Waubay-Summit in Week 4, Hamlin in Week 5, Warner in Week 6, Florence-Henry in Week 7, and will have a bye in Week 8. The Waubay-Summit football schedule includes games against Elkton-Lake Benton, Great Plains Lutheran, Hamlin, Waverly-South Shore, Redfield, Wilmot, Britton-Hecla, and Florence-Henry, with a bye week in the middle of the season.

Class 9A

The Castlewood football team’s schedule for the upcoming weeks includes games against Warner, Chester, Wolsey-Wessington, Wilmot, Oldham-Ramona-Rutland, Waverly-South Shore, Estelline-Hendricks, and Deubrook Area, with a bye in Week 3. Deubrook Area will be playing at Centerville in Week 0, hosting Wolsey-Wessington in Week 1, traveling to Howard in Week 2, enjoying a bye week in Week 3, visiting Chester in Week 4, hosting Waverly-South Shore in Week 5, playing at Estelline-Hendricks in Week 6, visiting Elkton-Lake Benton in Week 7, and finishing the regular season at Castlewood in Week 8. The Estelline-Hendricks football team will be playing Wolsey-Wessington in Week 0, Howard in Week 1, Chester in Week 2, have a bye in Week 3, play at Waverly-South Shore in Week 4, at Colman-Egan in Week 5, Deubrook Area in Week 6, play at Castlewood in Week 7, and finish the regular season against De Smet in Week 8.

Ipswich will be playing Timber Lake in Week 0, Faulkton Area in Week 1, Warner in Week 2, Northwestern in Week 3, Herreid-Selby Area in Week 5, Hitchcock-Tulare in Week 6, Leola-Frederick Area in Week 7, and North Central in Week 8. Here is the North Central football schedule: Week 0 against Lemmon-McIntosh, Week 1 against Dupree, Week 2 at Timber Lake, Week 3 against Leola-Frederick Area, Week 4 at Northwestern, Week 5 is a Bye week, Week 6 at Faulkton Area, Week 7 against Warner, and Week 8 at Ipswich. Potter County’s football schedule includes games against Harding County-Bison, Warner, Lemmon-McIntosh, Dupree, Sully Buttes, Herreid-Selby Area, Timber Lake, and Stanley County. Here is the schedule for Warner’s upcoming football games: Week 0 will be at Castlewood, Week 1 at Potter County, Week 2 at Ipswich, Week 3 at Faulkton Area, Week 5 at Northwestern, Week 6 at Redfield, Week 7 at North Central, and Week 8 at Leola-Frederick Area. They have a bye during Week 4. The Waverly-South Shore football schedule includes games against Great Plains Lutheran, Florence-Henry, Wilmot, Waubay-Summit, Estelline-Hendricks, Deubrook Area, Castlewood, a bye week, and Britton-Hecla.

Class 9B

Arlington’s football schedule includes games against Sunshine Bible Academy, Wilmot, Dell Rapids St. Mary, Sioux Falls Lutheran, Oldham-Ramona-Rutland, Iroquois-Lake Preston, Colman-Egan, and Hitchcock-Tulare. In the first week, Faulkton Area will be playing against Ipswich, followed by Herreid-Selby Area in the second week, then at Warner in the third week, and at Leola-Frederick Area in the fourth week. In the fifth week, they will be playing at Sully Buttes, followed by North Central in the sixth week, then at Hitchcock-Tulare in the seventh week, and finally Northwestern in the eighth week. Herreid-Selby Area has games scheduled for each week of the season: Week 0 against Faith, Week 1 against Northwestern, Week 2 at Faulkton Area, Week 3 at Lemmon-McIntosh, Week 4 at Timber Lake, Week 5 against Ipswich, Week 6 against Potter County, Week 7 at Sully Buttes, and a Bye week in Week 8. The Hitchcock-Tulare football schedule includes games against Corsica-Stickney, Iroquois-Lake Preston, Northwestern, Sully Buttes, Sunshine Bible Academy, Ipswich, Faulkton Area, and Arlington. The Iroquois-Lake Preston football schedule includes games at Wilmot in Week 0, Hitchcock-Tulare in Week 1, and at Canistota in Week 2. They have a Bye in Week 3, followed by games against Sunshine Bible Academy in Week 4, Dell Rapids St. Mary in Week 5, and at Arlington in Week 6. They will also play at Oldham-Ramona-Rutland in Week 7 and finish the regular season against Colman-Egan in Week 8. Northwestern will be playing the following teams in their upcoming games: Week 0 against Sully Buttes, Week 1 at Herreid-Selby Area, Week 2 against Hitchcock-Tulare, Week 3 at Ipswich, Week 4 against North Central, Week 5 against Warner, Week 6 at Leola-Frederick Area, Week 7 is a bye week, and Week 8 at Faulkton Area. The Oldham-Ramona-Rutland football team has an upcoming schedule that includes games against Dell Rapids St. Mary, Sunshine Bible Academy, Sioux Falls Lutheran, Irene-Wakonda, Arlington, Castlewood, Colman-Egan, and Iroquois-Lake Preston, with a bye week in Week 8. Sunshine Bible Academy has a full schedule for the upcoming weeks, including games at various locations such as Oldham-Ramona-Rutland, Colome, and Burke. Here is the schedule for the Wilmot football team: Week 0 they will be playing Iroquois-Lake Preston, Week 1 against Arlington, Week 2 at Waverly-South Shore, Week 3 is a bye, Week 4 they will be playing at Castlewood, Week 5 at Waubay-Summit, Week 6 against Florence-Henry, Week 7 against Britton-Hecla, and Week 8 at Great Plains Lutheran.
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